Absences & Leave

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作为公立学校的雇员,你有权享受学校的各种休假福利 federal, state, and district level.

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Federal Leave

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

《365在线体育投注》禁止在所有就业实践中基于残疾的歧视. An individual with a disability is defined by the ADA as a person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities; has a record of such an impairment; or is regarded as having such an impairment.

雇主须为合资格的残疾人士提供合理的膳宿. These accommodations can include:

  • making existing facilities usable by persons with disabilities
  • job restructuring
  • 修改工作时间表,除非这样做会给雇主的业务带来不必要的困难

如果你认为自己因为残疾而受到歧视, you will need file a charge with the Texas Workforce Commission within 180 days from the alleged violation. You also can file a grievance with your school district — with the help of your local union or the Associate Membership Program service team — but that does not stop the clock on the 180-day deadline.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

FMLA为所有公共机构的某些雇员提供长达12周的无薪假期, job-protected leave per year. 它还要求他们在休假期间保持集体健康福利.

Examples of FMLA eligibility include:

  • 怀孕和产前护理导致员工无法工作
  • birth and care for a newborn child
  • 收养儿童或将儿童安置在雇员处寄养
  • 照顾有严重健康问题的直系亲属
  • 导致员工暂时无法工作的严重健康状况

To be eligible for FMLA leave, 你必须已经被雇佣至少一年,并提供了至少1年,在你提出休假申请前的12个月内提供250小时的服务.

State Leave

State Personal Leave

As outlined in the Texas Education Code, the state provides five days per year of paid personal leave, 无积累限制,员工在地区间调动无限制. 地区可以提供额外的事假超过国家规定的最低限度.

Discretionary vs. Non-Discretionary Leave

In terms of personal leave, 区分非自由裁量假和自由裁量假很重要.

Non-discretionary leave 预留给几乎不需要事先计划(如果有的话)的场合, and the leave should be granted in every case.

  • the employee’s own illness
  • illness in the employee’s family
  • emergencies
  • a death in the employee’s family
  • situations that prevent the employee from reporting to work

Discretionary leave may be taken at the employee’s own desire. 如需自由裁量事假,必须向主管或直接主管提出, in writing, at least 24 hours in advance for each day of planned absence. 除非主要主管或直接主管通知你相反的情况,否则该请假申请应视为已获批准.

任免权事假每学期不得超过连续五天,每工资年度最多不得超过10天, 除非在主管决定可减轻罪责的情况下. Discretionary leave typically is not allowed in the following circumstances:

  • the first day of instruction
  • the last day of instruction
  • the day before a school holiday
  • the day after a school holiday
  • days scheduled for end-of-semester or end-of-year exams
  • 为STAAR测试或专业人员或员工发展安排的天数

Temporary Disability Leave

全职教育工作者有资格在任何你的情况妨碍你的正常工作的时候因临时残疾而休假. 这种假期是无薪的,除非你有病假或事假可用. 但是你的合同或雇佣不能被学校终止,当你因暂时残疾而离开的时候.

各区可以决定暂时伤残假的最长时间, but it must be provided for at least 180 days.

According to the Texas Education Code, the definition of “temporary disability” does include pregnancy.

Assault Leave

如果学校员工在执行你的正常职责时受到人身攻击, 你有权享受必要的假期,以恢复因那次袭击所造成的所有身体伤害.

At the request of an employee, 学区必须立即指派该员工休假. Upon investigation of the claim, 地区可以改变攻击假的状态,并将其记入雇员的累计事假中,或在没有足够事假的情况下记入雇员的工资中. The Texas Education Code outlines more information.

Leave for Religious Observances


对于K-12员工,只有那些被学区日历认可的假期才会被尊重. 如果你需要抽出时间去参加你所在地区不承认的宗教节日, you will need to follow usual procedures for requesting time off. Your leave request may or may not be approved.

District Leave

District Personal Leave

每个学区都有自己的缺勤政策,列出了任何额外的事假. Consult with your district handbook or admins for more information.

Leave for Court Orders

所有地区都有义务提供与法庭命令、陪审员义务和传票相关的休假. While this leave is job-protected leave, neither federal nor state law requires an employer to pay you.

That said, most district policies will compensate employees fully to comply with a valid subpoena or jury duty; absences for court appearances related to employee’s personal business will be deducted from personal leave balances — or be taken without pay.

Consult your district handbook to find your local policy.

Legal Information


如果您对缺勤和请假有任何疑问,请联系您的 local union. If you’re a member of the Associate Membership Program, please contact the AMP service department.

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